We are Chaivinists

If you’re reading this, you’re definitely here for some garma garam Chai!

Humtea Dumtea welcomes Chaivinist’s like you, who are basically people like us, you & we, who have an exaggerated and prejudiced love for Chai.

Saaf Sutra or Nothing

We like it clean and we don’t lie

HumTea DumTea was started with the goal of serving Clean yummy tasting Tea. We give equal importance to hygiene & taste. Unlike the chotu chai walas and ramu kakas we ensure the use of filtered water while making you a delicious cup of tea. Know more about our clean tea measures and services.

Chai Chai Chai

Yes! We will deliver it to you, wherever you want it, at your preferred time and dates.


Our Chaiholics

They love our clean waali chai.

Bun Tea & More

Chai Ke Sath Kya Loge Aap?

Our menu includes wide range of teas along with many refreshment snacks which can spice up your euphoric tea-trance.

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