Swacch Chai Only

Because it’s better to be Saaf than Sorry

Fun and hygiene is the core of our brands motto and mission. We are committed towards providing a 100% clean and sanitized product. We only use filtered water while preparing Tea as well as our food products. Our kitchens are handled only by trained employees who adhere to the strictest of cleanliness.

All the equipment and kitchen items are sterilized on regular basis. The Cutlery as well as towels used for cleanliness are strictly stain-free. Our gleaming kitchens are scrubbed down each day to ensure a hygenic food environment. Freshly brewed NON MACHINE tea served with a side of health is our goal .

Our hip flasks used for delivery are bio-degradable. Attention to detail is our priority and a happy customer is our mission!. So let’s embrace the hygiene and keep our chai ever-healthy & ever-refreshing.