We are better than your Tapri at the Nookad

HumTea DumTea brings you garma garam fresh Chai at your doorstep or your work desk or anywhere you want it. The idea is simple! We offer a variety of teas and beverages for all our guests. We also have a number of food items which are enjoyed more with a cup of Chai.

We suffer from OCD – Organized Chai Delivery

We know that your day is incomplete without your cup of tea. We ensure that the freshest, cleanest and tastiest tea is delivered to you without any delay. No phone call needed; no sms’s have to be sent, just subscribe to us and we will be there.

We Support the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

We are doing our bit by changing the habit of the way people drink Tea. We are the new age Chai tapri guys ensuring that your daily chai is clean. In short, we’ve got your back as well as your Tea.

Why are we called Humtea Dumtea?

It’s pretty obvious. Still don’t get it? Let us explain. A cup of Tea is mostly enjoyed with some gupshup with friends. That’s our Hum. The Dum being the habit of grabbing a cup of chai on a smoke break. That’s why, HumTea DumTea.